Thursday, July 31, 2014

Filing Your Interesting Fact Insurance Claim

Fact About insurance claim. Insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your family members against different types of accidental damages and unforeseen events. The insurance policy is a type of agreement which is signed by the insurer and insured. The insurer is a policy provider company and the insured is a policyholder. Policyholder just pays a lump sum amount to the insurance carrier company which is called as premium. These all things you know but how you can make a claim from the insurance company or what are the reasons behind the insurance claim denial, you will know the answers to all these questions

The most important thing of an insurance policy is the terms and conditions, and this is also true that most of the people generally ignore these terms. You should know that each policy provider company has its own process and conditions for handling claims. 
So it is extremely recommended that when you choose a plan from an insurance carrier read out the terms and conditions carefully. On the other hand the cover providers try to make a claim process as simple as possible, so they decide some steps in the process and a policy holder go through these steps to make a claim.

A policyholder can easily make a claim from the insurance company, if he or she is well prepared or organized and have all the information that the policy provider needs to see. If you have all the documents and the information the process of claim will be quick and simple.

 If you are affected by crime cases such as theft, serious accident or damage, vandalism and etc. you should call the police and report on the incident as soon as possible. Give the information about the incident to the police as much you can and take the police report number, this included at the time of insurance claim.

It is  also true that sometimes we face the problem of insurance claim rejection, there are several reasons of cover claim denial such as 

Wrong Information in Application Form

Irregularity in paying premiums

Not following legal conditions and etc.

If you fill wrong data in the application form you can face the problem of delay or cancellation in the claim. Pay your premiums to the insurance carrier on time because irregularity is also the reason of the claim cancellation. You must follow the legal condition, if it does not happen, you will not get the claim from the insurance provider company. The assurance provider corporation provides you a written reason for the decision to cancellation of the claim and also provide you the information on complaints handling procedures.

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