Thursday, February 6, 2014

Workers Compensation Insurance Carriers

(WC) Workers compensation insurance is a state-mandated requirement for most people operating a business that requires workers or employees on staff. Its sole purpose is to protect the key players who maintain the daily operations and help to promote the success of the company. Employers count on these valuable individuals for the services they perform, their knowledge and expertise, their ability to properly serve customers and clients, and the positive results they provide that are needed to move the business to the next milestone.

They count on the owners of the company to take care of them if the unexpected happens. And the company should have an opportunity to choose from a list of workers compensation insurance carriers, and with the help of the right agency can get the best possible coverage at an affordable price.

Why the need for WC insurance?

WC insurance can help if:
  • An employee is injured in an auto accident while running errands for the company
  • An associate develops carpal tunnel syndrome while working on a computer
  • An employee gets hurt while restocking the supply room, or
  • Any job related activity that results in an injury
By purchasing WC insurance that reflects the company's particular needs an owner will be able to pay for an injured employee's medical treatment, replace part of lost wages if a job-related injury requires time off work, and protect the business and its assets.

There are many top-rated carriers that are committed to providing affordable coverage to numerous industries. Rating plans may include debits or surcharges for new businesses or employers with an adverse loss history, as well as credits for those with favorable safety records or procedures. Therefore it is important to consult with a specialist who can determine which carrier can best provide this important coverage based on the business model and current needs.  

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