Monday, January 27, 2014

Homeowners Insurance Water Damage

(IBC) The insurance bureau of Canada  has indicated that Canadian insurance companies are paying more and more for extreme weather-related damage each year. Keeping Calgary home insurance premiums low is a real challenge, especially considering the heavy floods of 2013 and substantial hailstorms of the years prior. Since the IBC has also warned that we should expect more frequent and severe storms for the near future at least, instead of filing a claim for compensation, by performing some simple tasks around your property you can prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

How to Prevent Water Damage

Inside any home, the basement is usually the first area to be damaged by water, whether from floods, sewer back-up or even a hot water tank malfunctioning. Once a basement accumulates moisture, your entire house could be affected by bacteria build-up and toxic mold accumulation, which is expensive to remediate, and could also lead to illness. Further, a house seriously affected by bacteria and mold cannot be saved anymore. To avoid getting sick and even losing your home, consider the following water damage avoidance tips.

• Opt for lot grading or re-grading, which requires the creation of a slope to divert water away from your   home
• Complement your sewer system with a back flow device that prevents water from leaking into your  basement
• Check basement walls and floor for cracks; seal anything you find
• Inspect your pipes regularly; replace damaged pipes/valves/faucets
• Inspect your hot water tank regularly
• Replace your current basement windows with a flood-resistant variety
In addition to the aforementioned points, a few outdoor preventive tasks to avoid potential water damage will also help keep your Calgary insurance rates down. Here are some tips:

• Add window wells to all windows, including the basement windows
• Check the condition of your eaves troughs and downspouts along with the necessary extensions in order to ensure proper drainage of rainwater
• Clean your eaves troughs and downspouts every year
• Inspect your roof at least twice a year and replace or repair damaged roofing panels or shingles
• Check the humidity levels in your attic; if the humidity level is high, install several fans to improve ventilation 
and prevent moisture from accumulating
• Clear snowfall from the roof and around your house

Calgary Home Insurance and Its Advantages

Home insurance gives you the opportunity to protect your home together with all of your belongings. To get a lower insurance rate, make sure that you explain to your insurer the water damage precautionary measures you have adopted.

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