Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home Insurance In Calgary And Alberta to Rise

Nasty weather our way and it is potentially causing home insurance rates in Calgary to rise, and coverage to change. As these storms increase in their intensity and the damage they cause, it is instigating insurance companies to pay billions of dollars more in compensation every year. As is to be expected, these additional costs are being passed on to consumers in the form of higher premiums and deductibles and changes in coverage.

In 2012, 62 per cent of all canadian claims originated in alberta and totaled roughly $730 million in claims. That's a hefty number and insurance companies immediately took note of their losses. Even before the devastating floods of June 2013, Calgarians and Albertans were braced for changes.

Why Rates Are Increasing

• Homes are larger and more expensive to repair - The average sized home in Alberta is now over 1,900 square feet.

• Finished basements are being used as living space - Basements that were once used for storage and occasional entertaining are now being filled with everything from extra bedrooms to home theaters.

• Construction costs are rising - It now costs upwards of $100/sq. ft. to build a home in Calgary, and these costs are expected to go much higher in the future.

Protecting Your Policy

There are some ways you can weather the upcoming rate increases and changes that are expected to come in 2014. Most are simple, and all of them can make a big difference in the premiums you can expect to pay each and every month.

• Install an alarm system to protect your home from intrusions, fire, and CO poisoning

• Increase your deductible

• Research and apply for discounts

• Bundle your home, auto, life, and other insurance policies together with the same insurance provider

• Flood-proof your home if you live in a flood-susceptible area

• Fire-proof your property by removing excess plants and dead organic matter from your property and installing sprinklers

Don't Rely On The Government

Authorities and government agencies across Alberta are taking great steps to repaired mitigate flood damage. They are investing billions to build beams, clear forests, and protect homeowners from catastrophe. However, you shouldn't rely solely on these efforts to protect your home. The more proactive you are in protecting your home the better off you will be in the event of a weather emergency, and the more money you will save in your Calgary home insurance premiums.

Bow Valley Insurance understands that you can't predict the weather, but that you can protect yourself from whatever Mother Nature might throw your way. That is why we have developed a dependable network of insurance agents and companies throughout Alberta who can cover your home more completely than anyone else. 

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