Saturday, October 12, 2013

Corporate And Private Medical Insurance In The UK

Live people in UK opt for private medical insurance because not everyone is eligible for the free National Health Service provided by the government. Some others use private insurance in addition to NHS. This is because there are some restrictions regarding hospitalization; the waiting list is also very long making patients opt for private hospitals.

Benefits of Private Insurance

There are numerous benefits you can avail of if you opt for private health insurance in the UK. Firstly, you are sure to get quick treatment as the waiting list of patients is far less than in the government hospitals. You can select the hospital where the treatment will be performed by qualified professionals. There is a wrong notion that private hospitals are very expensive; although it is costlier than government hospitals, there are reliable insurance companies that offer medical insurance that is affordable. There are lots of facilities in private hospitals and you can choose the type of room when hospitalized. Private hospitals are well-equipped and modern equipment. Some providers offer reductions for health screening even for healthy people. Easy application process and the variety of coverage options prompt UK residents to choose private.

Corporate Insurance

Corporate health insurance provides medical coverage for employees of corporate organisations. Normally, this is offered as a benefit package by many companies. It has numerous advantages; firstly, employees can benefit from inexpensive health care. The premium is lower than individual health insurance. In an organisation, the risk factor is low because it is shared among the employees. There is also the option of getting additional coverage and that too for a less premium. Some of these include dental, vision and mental care facilities. Pregnancy as well as child birth can be covered in this category. Regardless of your claims history, you can avail of health plans; however, the worker has to fulfill certain conditions. There are tax
benefits too in a corporate medical insurance.

Most UK Companies Offer Health Insurance

When a company medical insurance is offered to an employee, it is an agreement between the employer and the worker. This is considered a welfare benefit and it varies from one organization to the other and also depends on the position you hold. However, it is important to check out the fine-print of your benefits before you sign on the dotted line. Some companies offer health insurance only for the employee and not for his family. But most employers across UK offer workers health insurance because they know that the company's productivity depends on their employees' health.

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