Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Insurance Offers Missing Pets And Protection

During its 30 years of operation, Keystone Veterinary Hospital built a reputation for quality animal care by kind doctors and technicians with soft hands and a soothing manner. No wonder people came from far and wide with their dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and numerous other critters for both routine care such as shots and checkups as well as emergency visits for sudden illness, car accidents, ingestion of poison or foreign objects, and so on.

The staff of six was more like a family, with everyone on the job for at least 10 years; the hospital had the latest tools, equipment and technology, yet was relatively small and easy to manage, with just four examination rooms, two surgical rooms and kennels to support a dozen pets at a time. Nevertheless, the owners were prudent in terms of risk management, and followed the advice of their professional insurance agent, who recommended obtaining veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania.

It's a good thing, too—because the staff arrived at the hospital one morning only to find that a prizewinning purebred King Charles spaniel who had given birth to four puppies just the other night and were being kept for observation had disappeared. Someone had broken in during the night and stolen the mother and her puppies, a loss that left the owner devastated, the hospital staff angry and upset, and a loss of more than $10,000, which represented the dollar value of the animals, as well as several thousand dollars' worth of property damage.

The coverage goes to work when calamity strikes

Fortunately, the policy that Keystone purchased provides protection that will cover the hospital for incidents of animal escape or theft while in the hospital's custody. Thus, the policy pays for reimbursement of the owner's animals, up to the policy limit (and after application of any deductible that may apply). The commercial property coverage the hospital purchased will cover the damage to the building that occurred during the break-in, as well as the loss of the various equipment the thieves took along with the animals. And because the thieves knocked out the power to the building in order to compromise the alarm system (resulting in the spoilage of several temperature-controlled medicines), the policy will cover that loss as well.

Build the business on the foundation of protection

Convincing pet lovers to bring their animals to one's hospital versus another means building a sense of trust and respect, as well as providing quality care at affordable prices. The adoption of the right kind of veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania will help shore up that sense of reliability, enabling owners to continue offering reasonably priced services in part due to the affordable rates they are paying for their business premiums. Contact a professional agent today to learn more about how special environment of an animal care facility warrants a special mix of coverage that addresses the various risks that are unique to these businesses.

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