Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Warehouse And Office Buildings Insurance

Mostly losses incurred to owners of warehouses is due to the fact that they carry a large amount of inventory making it that much more difficult to accurately track. Losses to warehouses annually will likely total in the millions of dollars, which will usually result in increase costs in hurricane office buildings insurance coverage for Florida office buildings insurance coverage for Florida business owners.

Diligently tracking merchandise, and being cognizant of the warehouse layout, paying particular attention to trouble areas where merchandise might be easily accessed and removed from the premises, can help in achieving theft prevention. Trash dumpsters and other containers

These can become ideal places for thieves to stow stolen inventory, especially when they are near an accessible door, for later pickup and removal to cars and vehicles. Try to position dumpsters in a way that discourages thievery, and consider having locked dumpsters, which are more difficult to access.

Reduce total number of accessible doors

Many warehouses have far too many doors. There should only be one or two that are normally open, and a security officer should guard them. If fire regulations require more than one door, use bars that set off an alarm if the doors are opened.

Staging area is another concern

The staging area may be too close to the loading docks. If no one were around to keep an eye out, it would be easy to take something and put it into a truck or car.

Separate shipping and receiving doors

Having the receiving dock and the shipping dock too close together would make it easier to take things from one truck and put them into another. One idea is to erect a barrier between them.

Employee parking lot often too close to facility

This can be a great advantage to employees who might steal inventory. It is best to have parking separated by a comfortable distance from the warehouse doors, making it more difficult to transport pilfered items.
Bushes and foliage often used to hide stolen goods

Bushes, shrubbery, and foliage are a good hiding spot for things taken out of a warehouse, especially when they are near a door. Remove bushes or lock those doors nearest to shrubbery close to the building to curtail this possible avenue for thieves.

The amount of exposure to this type of criminal activity can be greater, depending on how many of these issues exist at a given location. Office building insurance for Florida business owners will help pay for losses.

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