Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Save Money Car Insurance And Expert's Tips

How expensive car insurance online can become. However, there are various ways to bring it down to reasonable rates without compromising on the quality of benefits obtained. This way you can make choices based on your personal requirements and pay only that much which is necessary. There are ways to reduce the rates further on your dream auto insurance.

Here below are some expert tips for saving money on your car insurance online.
Go for non-claim bonuses
For every year that goes claim free, auto insurance companies pay you bonuses. If this goes for some years successively, there comes a time when you can get up to 50% reductions in the premiums you pay! If you believe that this is a joke, think again! Those were looking to save on their auto premiums can go via this route. Compare car insurance and find out the company that offers no claim bonuses and subsequent discounts.

Higher deductibles is the way

With higher deductibles, you can easily bring down the premium amounts you need to pay. However, remember, by going for this option, you have to pay more out of your pocket, in case accidents happen. If you are ready to take on the added financial burden or consider yourself an exceptionally safer driver than going for this option, surely make sense.

Give personal details

By providing expansive personal details to auto insurance India, it is possible to get reductions on the premiums you pay. There are companies out there that provide better offers. If you can divulge such information as gender, age, claim history, marital status, driving record, and occupation, insurance companies are going to reward you with 10% to 25% reduction on premiums. This is because through the information given companies can make their calculations, more accurately.

Deny additional covers

You can do with certain additional covers while going for auto insurance India, such as hospital cash, emergency expenses, depreciation costs, and roadside assistance. However, if your agent is trying to push unwanted covers that provide few benefits your way, it is time to refuse. By going for such covers, you will be inflating your premium rates unnecessarily. Compare the features of this additional coverage and then make the final decision.

Become a member of AAI

By becoming a member of the Automobile Association of India, you become eligible for getting discounts on your auto insurance. These can be up to 5% of the total amount you have to pay.

Installing safety devices
Experts believe that by installing safety features on your automobile is possible to woo insurance companies. Installation of such devices signifies lower instances of accident or theft. This in turn makes for a lower claim instances. No wonder, insurance companies reward you with deductions on premiums.

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