Friday, July 12, 2013

Quality Life Insurance Leads

The highest quality life insurance leads are undoubtedly the lifeblood for anybody in the business of selling life insurance. Batch of leads comes in and the life agents call each of them. However, often they don't get any immediate receivers. Many of them those dialed numbers go to answering machines. As a result, the bunch winds up in trash and the agents have to look for the next lot.

The issue is, the agents can be missed out on sales without even knowing it. Here are some effective tips on how to get the most out of life leads. Being a life insurance agent, you can observe the tips to enhance the sales figure on your investment towards leads.

• Be prompt – Jump on the leads as they hit your inbox. Any reputed online lead generator sends real time leads. If you can quickly draw them, you can get the prospects over the phone while they are still in front of the computer. In other words, you need to make your pitch while their need and interest are at the peak. Make sure you keep your eyes on your inbox.

 • Call prospects again and again – Don't expect the leads to pick up the telephone the first time you call; thus you may need to keep calling. When new leads hit your inbox, commit yourself that you won't stop until you get them on phone. Even if they refuse your offer, don't quit. Turning down the offer doesn't mean that they are not interested. Life leads are not always ready to give you any positive signal on the first call. So you must try again. According to leading market researchers, an agent needs to call a prospect at least 6 to 7 times before she starts to sink in.

 • Make it automated – You can make the process of following up automated. Although following up manually is always worth, yet this is not always possible due to lack of time. Moreover, the older a life lead gets the less it is worth your valuable time to be in contact. That doesn't mean those leads will surely turn into customers, but the situation may get changed over time and they may find it interesting to buy life insurance. Therefore, you must be in touch with old prospects by making the process automated and so that you don't let the chance of making a deal go.

You can take advantage of email auto responder software to make follow-up process easy and effortless. With this software, your leads will get instant mail from you when they come in. the software will be in touch with them for days, weeks and even months after. Your offers will be in front of them without letting you lift a finger.

• Buy leads – Signing up with a good online lead generator can definitely help you enhance your company's sales figure. Look for one that provides their customers with real time search engine generated life leads.

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