Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Boomers Long Term Care

To be frank, it is 7 years past the seniority age and 3 years shy from being a "septuagenarian" or a person in their 70's. The youngest would be in their 49's. Why bring up these groups of people and their ages? To ask the question "why should we get long term care for baby boomers?"

Basically, these groups of people have around 20 year range and can be classified under different categories. Those below 50 can still be considered "within their prime" whilst the ones hitting 60 and over are going to become "senior citizens". So, again, going back to the point, why are we bringing up these numbers for? So we can ask another question. "Who is taking care of these people?"

These ages, in all honesty, are considered old. Even those who are just entering their 50's, they are also considered old and with being old is the idea of being frail and helpless which is not always true. Some of these individuals can take care of themselves and continue with activities of daily living (ADLs) and sometimes, even take care of others, younger or of same age.

So there seems to be no issue here, right? Unfortunately, there still is. Surveys show that 3 or 4 out of 10 elder adults are incapable of performing ADLs due to physical immobility issues caused by physiological traumas like slip discs, osteoporosis and other medical conditions. 2 out of 10 suffer cognitive impairment and could not even tie their own shoelaces or put on their shirts.

Here is where long term care for baby boomers comes invaluable. It becomes a form of continuity of life. These baby boomers are entering a stage of their life where retirement is giving them a fear of being useless and seeing themselves as nothing but a burden to themselves and to their loved ones. Along with these physical incapacity's comes the unfortunate and dreaded depression.

To help them anticipate and fight against these fears, finding and signing up the ideal long term care (LTC) will help them prepare the future of their health plan and prevent these unfortunate conditions. Signing up is easy and all you need to do is locate a convenient LTC vendor near you. For any inquiries, LTC agents can help you clarify any questions regarding about the premiums, policies, rates and coverage.

Getting LTC for baby boomers is not only ideal but also practical. Who can say, maybe it is not you who is the baby boomer. It could be your mother or father, even your grandparents or anybody close to you and you want to give them another chance at life. Hitting the later years does not have to be the end of their existence.

Baby boomers have as much right to continue living and moving on despite older age.

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