Sunday, February 10, 2013

Insurance For Car And Young Driver

Especially when you just get the precious pink paper. Indeed, insurers are not allowed tender with the young, because they are statistically more likely to have an accident. Result: the price of insurance premiums soars.

Those considered "young driver" or "inexperienced drivers» are novice drivers: IE those that have their license for less than 3 years. Or even people who have never been met (or at least during the 3 years preceding the start of a new contract) but have their license for over 3 years.

Why is it so expensive?

The pricing insurance young drivers are high as 18-24 year old, often considered THE segment of the population with the risk appetite, and are involved in about 22% of fatal accidents on the road, although they represent only 9% of the population.So for insurers, young people represent a large share of risks too, so much so that some companies even refuse to insure young drivers. They also require other forms of restrictions at the car egg power din must not exceed 90; the car should not be brightly colored...

The premium: This is the direct result of the fear of insurers vis-à-vis youth allowed. It applies to both young helped ensure their own car, but also for parents who add their children to their insurance. Be aware that this premium is decreasing. Indeed, it is100% the first year, and down 50% in the second year if no fault accident. It disappears (very often) at the end of three years without fault accident.

It is still possible, thanks to early learning to drive, greatly reducing the amount of the premium, or even delete it. Accompanied driving is for insurers, because it allows the candidate to gain experience first road. Difference "unfair" girls because statistically fewer accidents than boys, so the prices they are offered are cheaper! This special advantage sometimes leads to the suppression of the premium.

Tips: Play competition! The pricing of insurance varies from one to three. Insurers sometimes offer specific products that may be of interest financially. Compare the different benefits offered, but also the various franchises would be a mistake to focus solely on the price. It is better to choose a third-party insurance when it comes to ensuring a car whose value is low (Used car for example). And for the car, it is just better to choose a small car unpretentious, just to make hand for 3 years.

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